Boone History


Benjamin Orr Elementary  was Boone Elementary's former name;  it served the Ward Eight, Fairlawn community from 1902 - June 2018.  


Fairlawn's first public school was Benjamin G. Orr Elementary School. Named after the fourth mayor of Washington, DC who was elected by the council of aldermen in 1817 and served for two years.   Built for white students in 1902, Orr was located on Prout Street, at the corner of 22nd Street. It was later demolished and replaced. The new Orr, erected in 1974 to accommodate the increased student population, was constructed at the corner of 22nd and Minnesota Avenue. Lawrence E. Boone Elementary was built in 2017 and opened on August 20,2018. 


Boone continues to build a successful legacy due to the knowledgeable staff who is dedicated to the student they serve. Not only does Boone offer a high quality core curriculum, students also have the opportunity to participate in our arts program, library media center, music, computer, art, and physical education classes. To supplement our rigorous academic curriculum, we offer a variety of extracurricular activities. We also offer before-school and after-school programs and have a parent center run by our full-time parent coordinator.


Boone Elementary School has a proud legacy of excellence. A globally recognized school video, highly-effective teachers, and athletic teams that consistently prove that Boone Panthers are a force to be reckoned with, are a source of pride for students and staff.